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Pedalling to Pubs Charity Bike Tour

The Trailbrakes support team were lucky enough to be involved in organising and supporting a three-day biking tour through Devon and Somerset to raise funds for two fantastic hospitality industry charities; Only A Pavement Away and the Licensed Trade Charity. Both charities work tirelessly to provide support, assistance and opportunities to vulnerable individuals within the hospitality industry, including those facing poverty, homelessness and other challenges. 

The team of 45 riders braved some relentless climbs, river crossings and roadworks to complete over 230km across North Devon and Somerset with a total of over 3,300m which is higher than the 3 peaks combined!

We'd like to congratulate each and every one of the determined, supportive and extraordinary riders on their achievement. Every single one of the people taking part in the charity cycling tour should be very proud of themselves, making some amazing memories, new friendships and an impressive amount of money for charity; over £80k and counting!!!

Special thanks go to the support crew who helped the Trailbrakes team to keep the riders fed, watered and cycling in the right direction. We're already looking forward to 2025's charity biking tour in Cumbria!